It's Fun to Discover Driving!

The under-18 student driving program consists of up to 34 hours of classroom instruction. This program covers traffic safety, laws, regulations and enforcement, alcohol and traffic, accident causation and defensive driving. The behind-the-wheel program is extensive, performance based, and covers more than the minimum state requirements. Skills taught include on-off road recovery, rural driving, highway driving, winter driving, and specific defensive applications.

We differ from most programs in that we instruct the behind-the-wheel program and the classroom program concurrently. By instructing these student driving programs together, concepts are introduced in the classroom and skills are applied directly in the car. There is no lost time between classroom and driving.There are student driving programs available that start students much earlier with classroom. However, quality of instruction and retention is lost when behind the wheel instruction is not concurrent with classroom. Driving is too critical to engage in this practice!

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As a parent, your role is vital to the success of your student. Your student needs you in following instructional handouts and their driving log given at every lesson. This will better enable you to reinforce specifically taught skills. This is extremely helpful in building consistency in defensive skills. Your young driver must develop these skills before licensing. Young drivers do not drive any better after licensing than you demand they drive before licensing! In-car instruction will continue until required performance skills are met. We have found that parental involvement is the key between adequate drivers and exceptional drivers.

Our students develop lifetime skills to ensure crash-free driving after licensing, not just to pass a road test. YOU GET ONLY ONE CHANCE TO LEARN CORRECTLY! This is a comprehensive driving program. Performance-based driver education is an investment for the future, you can't afford less. We consistently strive to update our instruction to offer the highest quality of student driving instruction available.

Our students start driving at 15 OR 15 ½ years of age and receive classroom and driving together for 7 weeks concurrently. At this point, parents are involved in the teaching process. Parents are required to accompany their young driver in the driver education car. All visual defensive concepts are reviewed and each parent is given a written guideline to follow as they practice with the novice driver. Formal instruction continues every 10 to 14 days until the development of required performance skills are met. At this time, a final parent evaluation is scheduled. Greater retention of properly learned skills will be retained after licensing due to the extended period of instruction.

Starting in the fall of 2021, parents have the option to start their students' driver education at 15 OR 15 ½ years of age. This allows flexibility for parents and students to complete the in-class portion of their driver education. Students who are heavily involved with school and community activities will be able to start and complete in-class instruction around other obligations.

We begin new classes monthly. You may register at anytime. Please call with any questions concerning this information. Our programs are as follows:

Under 18 Program:
  • Enroll at 15
  • Begin at 15 OR 15 ½
  • New Classes Monthly
  • Classroom/Driving Taught Concurrently
  • Seven Weeks Classroom Instruction
  • Minimum 6-Months In-Car Instruction
Behind-the-Wheel Only Program:
  • Classroom Completed at Another School
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Performance Based
Adult Program:
  • Learn at Your Pace
  • Hourly Lessons
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Route Modifications
  • Classroom Offered As Necessary
Driver Improvement Program:
  • All Course Work Completed at Another School
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Parent Ride Along
  • Additional Instruction to meet Performance Standards

We consistently strive to update our instruction to offer the highest quality of student driving instruction available.

Ensure your son or daughter receives the driving instruction necessary for their safety after licensing by contacting us today at (800) 956-1117.